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  • Natalie Kortum

Prewire results to the under-performers

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

“I’ve made mistakes in delivering results. I used to take the results into the big meetings and it would shame the under-performing division making that division shrink in the chair and then get defensive and question the results. I then learned, it was worthwhile to do the work before the meeting. Share with the under-performing division the results BEFORE the big meeting. Ask them to co-present. Let them ask for the funding to change their performance. The CEO then agrees to the funding and the meeting goes great. The work is still done, it’s just done before the meeting instead of after, and everyone feels more collaborative.” (paraphrased from presentation by Kate Woodcock, VP of Customer Advocacy from VMWare)

I so agree with her. That’s a hard learned lesson that seems so obvious in retrospect. The upfront work is worth it.


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