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  • Natalie Kortum

Really? Is it AI?

I found this article while planning for my upcoming panel session ( tomorrow on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Analytics.  I have struggled so much with the term.  So many vendors or data scientists are saying that they are doing AI.  Recently, I had a friend post that they wrote their first AI and it was only four lines of code.  Umm… that’s just not how it works.  (Sorry, friend, if you are reading this…)

I think about some of the analysis that I was doing in 2006 and I believe if we had a PR or sales person attached to our team, they’d label that “AI” today.  At the time, I was doing pricing with a model whose data would be refreshed all the time and the model output was tweaked every few months by yours truly and the output of the suggested price changes were evaluated by a pricing manager.  Yet, it was an ever-improving, ever-changing fast model that made decisions that didn’t require or need human intervention.  In 2006, AI was the trendy term and we’d never think to call it that, but…

Is it just me who thinks we have lowered the standard in what is meant by Artificial Intelligence?  (Here’s a dated article that I think helps capture my point.)


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