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Introducing Natalie Kortum. 

Decision Sciences Leader | Marketing | Investment Optimization | Attribution | Brand & CX Analytics | Business Intelligence | Fractional Analytics Exec

About Me

When Natalie was in 4th grade, she created an idea that became a national commercial for Tide.  Having peaked on the creative side at such a young age, she decided to dedicate the rest of her advertising career to helping business leaders make better marketing decisions based on data and research.

And dedicated she has been. Her resume reads like a Fortune 500 wish list.




Additionally, Natalie has also invented and patented multiple optimization models, teaches Attribution and Big Data at conferences, and hosts her own blog celebrating the confluence of mathematics and marketing.

Natalie often receives great feedback from executives in being able to listen to needs, explain complex solutions, and create trust.  With her strong consulting mindset, her clients compliment her authentic honest nature.  Her unique career provides her with a great perspective as she has background in IT, business, and marketing. 

Yet, despite her passion for all things tech, Natalie still knows how to seriously unplug.  An avid world traveler, she’s visited all seven continents, swam in the icy waters of Antarctica, scuba-dove in the shark-infested reefs of Australia, and continues to enjoy the green pastures of life at home in Dallas.



Natalie has a versatile background allowing her to offer a multitude of offerings which are featured in this word cloud.    

Natalie's deliverables.JPG

Attribution/Omnichannel Assessment

Natalie will come in as an outside consultant with expertise in Attribution and Omnichannel to provide you with an impartial assessment of priorities, capabilities, data infrastructure and opportunities for future improvements.

Delivery time: One month.  

Cost:  Varies. Please contact Natalie for pricing.

  • Onsite review of Attribution and Customer Journey work (1-2 days)

  • Assessment and Score of current capabilities in Attribution/Omnichannel

  • Assessment will include areas around business usage, frequency, partner, data governance, and data cleanliness

  • Scores will be provided to highlight areas of opportunities and areas of competency

  • Recommendation of options and next steps

  • Delivery of results:  Outline of implementation plan to complete recommended next steps including vendors, typical timelines and potential issues.  Natalie will provide introductions to partners where appropriate for further assessment

Onsite Training Programs

Natalie is an experienced professional who also provides her expertise in training.  She has the following programs prepared to present to your organization.  These programs are intended to be given to the wider organization to help increase understand and dialogue for adoption of new initiatives.   Please discuss if you have other topics you are interested in. 

​Current Courses include: 

  • Multitouch attribution and Omnichannel measurements – Give Credit where its due

  • Customer segmentation – why, how, and what you should do with it

  • Business intelligence and Data governance (In Development)



"Natalie definitely owned and brought our attribution project to fruition.  We are already starting to see how pertinent it can be to our strategy and reasoning and it is still in the infant stages.  Because of Natalie, I am really excited about this project.   [Any] company or project Natalie lands is one lucky devil. "   

—  Senior Marketing Manager,  MD Anderson Cancer Center

Let's Talk
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